We & our mission

We like things that are simple, clear and fun!

Our mission

We have been Android fans for a very long time now. One day, coincidence wanted that we met, had a chat, and after a while realized that we liked the idea of setting up a development company together. Which is pretty much all about how Evanera was born. We have been using smart devices for years and already can see a very clear picture of what apps should be like, how they should respond, and what they should offer.

Users call for useful apps that can make their lives more pleasant, simpler, help them relax, or just have some fun. Smart-phones have become our "smart-friends" that can help anyone in various situations. Calling is just one of the features of your phone these days. Smart-users know it and this is where we want to make our contribution.

Our mission is to produce smart, practical and user-friendly tools and, most importantly, always with user privacy in mind. We strive to create them for the community and in cooperation with the community.

It is our aim to build up a brand based on these principles:

  • Simplicity and usability – Our apps will always focus on their main purpose with as few auxiliary features as possible. They will keep on being simple, intuitive, and user-friendly even in the course of their subsequent development.
  • Community interaction – Changes in our apps are going to be initiated by the community "on-demand" and in such a way to avoid frustrating users by constantly changing features and interface they already got used to. We are sure you have seen this happen and can relate...
  • Security and privacy – It is of utmost importance to us that user data is safe, reachable, and under the control of each user. Our apps will always require only the most necessary permissions to run, keeping the data outside your device just in those cases when the nature of a particular app requires it and the user complies.

And what keeps our inspiration levels high? We like to travel and experience new things, especially whenever there is a sea, lake, or just any kind of water involved. And we absolutely looove chocolate! :)

"A day without chocolate is like a day without sun."

The crew

Android programmer
"The code-master"
Design & Graphics
"In charge of things pretty"
Marketing & Operations
"A creative wordsmith"
"Making things happen"