Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for some answers about using Loongle, you have come to the right place.

Loongle is a deadline manager which will keep an eye on your long-term and repetitive deadlines that need your attention just once in a while and are therefore easy to forget. Whether it be your car, house or garden, regular doctor checkups, payment schedules and anniversaries, you will always have your upcoming deadlines under control.

Because you may be annoyed by spending so much time watching over your deadlines, especially the long-term ones. Just as we are. Do you know that frustrating feeling when your calendar tries to notify you about an event, which you had entered a long time ago, when you just happen to be in the middle of something completely different? What do you do? Do you keep postponing the notification? Has it ever happened to you that you simply discarded the event and forgot about it completely? Even re-planning events that you are reminded of at the wrong time is pretty inconvenient, isn't it?

Loongle is optimized to help you keep an eye on your long-term deadlines in a much better way than calendars or to-do lists offer. They are full of your current and short-term arrangements and such deadlines get often lost among them. With Loongle, you can view your deadlines more clearly and manage them more easily.

Tapeline is a concept of a measuring tape that you cut off as days pass, counting down to your deadlines. Thanks to this feature, you always know how many days until your errands are due.

Different colours of your tapelines indicate how long until your deadlines are due and help you see at a glance when your errands really require your attention.

When your tapeline is BLUE it means that the task is still too far ahead and you do not need to even think about it yet.

Once the tapeline turns ORANGE it means that your are within 7 days of the date which you set to start the notification period for the upcoming item. This is just like the "get ready" traffic light, telling you to prepare.

A GREEN tapeline means that you have progressed to the "I-want-to-be-notified" period in the course of your countdown, and it finishes on the due date, the day zero.

A RED tapeline will always have a negative number and indicate the number of days your item has been overdue.

This button toggles current and all tapelines view to narrow down your tapeline list and see only those items which require your attention now or in a few days. The default view after installing the app is the All tapelines one.

Click on the plus button at the top of the screen. Enter a subject, select a category, choose the most suitable icon from the list by clicking on the picture. Enter due date, period, and also how long ahead you want to be notified about your item. You can add some notes too, for instance to include more details which are too long for the subject. Click Save and your item should now be displayed in the tapeline list.

When you complete a task, you can set it up again by clicking the Repeat button on the details page.

You get a cumulative notification once a day, reminding you of your current or overdue tasks. Go to the settings menu, click on Notification time and set at what time you want to be notified. If you have no current or overdue tasks, there will be no notification on a given day.

Some deadlines may involve some other activity, such as going to a meeting or calling someone at a precise time. If this is the case, you can use the planning feature to enter the time into a calendar of your choice to quickly book your time.

Using filters makes it very easy for you to look at your tapelines by category. Filter out all your anniversaries, work, maintenance or any other items of your choice to see them all clearly listed together. This is a very handy feature for a stress-free deadline management!

Tap and hold on any item in the tapeline list and the themes will swap. This feature is especially designed for better visibility: while in the daytime you may find it easier to view a lighter screen, it is more comfortable for your eyes to look at a darker display when the night falls. Of course, feel free to use any theme that you like!

Haptic feedback is a slight vibration response when you use the app. However, please note that haptic feedback may not be available on all devices even if you turn it on.

If you are a user of Loongle Lite and want to manage more than 100 tapelines in the app as well as get rid of ads, you will need to upgrade to the full version of Loongle. For more information check out the versions page.

If you want to enjoy Loongle without ads and the 100-tapeline limit, get the full version of Loongle from Google Play. Do not uninstall Loongle Lite yet – transfer your tapelines from the Lite version first! Install the full version and open the app. A message asking you to perform the transfer will appear. Once the transfer is complete, you will have all your tapelines in the full version of Loongle and can now safely uninstall the Lite version.