Loongle Features

Get an in-depth look at what Loongle has to offer.

Countdown Tapelines

Save your deadlines or long-term schedules as smart countdown tapelines. View them all sorted in a list and see what needs your attention at a glance.

on the Horizon

Have a daily reminder notify you about your approaching deadlines. Loongle keeps an eye on your schedules and expirations and informs you at the right time.

Intuitive and
Easy to Use

Loongle was created with a user in mind. Enjoy a clean and intuitive interface. Add a new item in just seconds and let the app take care of the rest.

Fulltext search

Quickly locate what you are looking for in your Loongle tapelines and save time browsing all your items.

Filterable categories

Enjoy the convenience of a category filter and narrow down your list to quickly display just a specific section of it by the category of your selection.

Planning in calendar

Organize your time: plan an item using your calendar whenever you need to book an exact date and time.

Backup & Restore

Backup your tapeline data regularly for your peace of mind and restore them back or to any other device.

Multiple Languages

Enjoy Loongle in many different languages: rolling out in English and gradually covering multiple language flavours from across the world.