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Please note that although we will do our best to help you with the problem you are having, our support team prioritizes requests from full version users.

How to get help

If you would like to report a bug to us, please copy the below list of items and questions, paste them in your e-mail, provide as many details to each one of them as possible, and send the message to

  1. App name:
  2. App version*:
  3. Device type (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S 3):
  4. Device Android version:
  5. Please describe what the problem is:
  6. What happens before the problem occurs? Try to list all steps that lead to the error:
  7. You can attach a screenshot of the problem if you think it is relevant and could help us identify the bug.

* You will find the version number when you click on About in your app.


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