Just see how easy it is!

A few quick steps to become familiar with Loongle and Loongle Lite

We believe that Loongle and Loongle Lite are very intuitive apps and that you learn to use them fast. Here are just a few handy tips to help you get started.

What is Loongle?

An intuitive new way to organize your deadlines! Loongle was created to manage your long-term or repeated deadlines which are easy to forget.

Countdown tapelines

A list of countdown tapelines displays how many days are left until the deadline. The closer the deadline, the fewer days remain and the higher up the tapeline is shown.


Get one notification a day to be reminded of your current deadlines. Just set up the time when you want to be notified and Loongle will let you know.

Current vs. all

See what you want to see. Tap the circle with three dots or an exclamation mark at the top panel and toggle the view of all or just current items to narrow down the list.

Colourful icons

Recognize your tapelines using colourful icons. You can change an icon by clicking on the picture at the top left when you add or edit an item.

Dates in the past

Loongle keeps an eye on your significant anniversaries! Enter a date in the past, set an interval (e.g. 10 years) and Loongle works out the next important day for you.

Planning in calendar

Do you need to book your time for an upcoming deadline? Simply create a calendar entry straight from the selected tapeline.

Different themes

Set up a default and an alternative theme and toggle them by tapping and holding any item. Tip: Lighter themes improve visibility in broad daylight, darker ones are great in the dark.

Backup & restore

Use the backup and restore function from the Settings menu to keep your data safe. Backup all your tapelines for your peace of mind once in a while and restore your data anytime you need.

Do you still have any questions? You can find answers and more tips on how to use Loongle in the FAQ section.